June 2013

I was invited by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) to participate in an exciting social media campaign that their national sponsor, Kruger Products, was working on.  Kruger has been a proud supporter of CBCF since 2005 with funds going towards “relevant and innovative research supporting early diagnosis, effective treatment and a positive quality of life for those living with breast cancer.”

In 2013 Kruger celebrated their 10th anniversary of their White Cashmere Collection which has become an annual event.  Canadian designers are challenged to create garments and accessories from – you guessed it – Cashmere bathroom tissue!  All of this is to raise awareness and funds for CBCF.  For this big anniversary, they decided to share the creations, designers and the stories of women from across Canada who have experienced breast cancer and build a campaign around it.  It is hoped that this will inspire others with hope and joy and strength.  Every design is unique and so is every breast cancer story.

The booklet with all of the stories and photos was distributed in late September 2013 at the 10th Annual White Cashmere Collection Gala at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.  The gala showcased 20 top Canadian designers that created some pretty amazing fashions.  You can also view the photos, stories and some video clips at  Elle Canada magazine ran the Cashmere ad in their October 2013 issue with one tiny pic of yours truly in the printed version and the full booklet was available on the iPad version of Elle Canada and Elle Quebec.

October 2012

I was interviewed by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) for their online newsletter.  Check it out here:  Canadian Institute for Health Information

I was asked to provide a patient voice perspective to the media for the release of the report Breast Cancer Surgery in Canada, 2007-2008 to 2009-2010.  The report was jointly produced by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).  The story ran in several newspapers and online including the ones listed below.

Montreal Gazette

June 2009

I was invited to participate in The Truth of It: an unscripted video series about cancer, developed as a collaborative effort of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto.  My interview went live online in the spring of 2010 at Cancerview Canada in the Treatment and Support section of the website.  You can also find the videos on YouTube.

Description from the Cancerview Canada website:
The Truth of It features interviews with Canadians diagnosed with cancer who were asked to share their story so others could learn from their experience. By providing candid accounts of the personal impact of cancer, the video series will serve as an educational resource for health care professionals as well as patients, survivors and others with a personal connection to cancer.

The men and women featured in the videos range in age from 20 to 73 and are affected by different types of cancer, including breast, colorectal, lung, testicular and ovarian. Videos are available in both English and French and are accompanied by complete transcripts. Currently, the series has 42 videos, including interviews with six patients from First Nations communities and two interviews with patients from Inuit communities.

The full length interview (10 minutes).

"I remember thinking, wow, a few weeks ago I could run an hour and now I can't walk up the stairs in my house without sitting down twice. But I kind of had this mantra in my head, that it's not forever, it's just for now and everyday I kept repeating that. It's not forever, it's just for now." 

Talking to the Kids (1 minute).

Body Image (1 minute).

Telling Friends & Family (1 minute).

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