I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why this happened to me and what the purpose might be.  I have still had no great epiphany except that maybe I was meant to share what I have experienced and learned so that it might help somebody else.  Who knows?

I have been able to participate in various cancer-related initiatives over these past few years and I am always willing to lend a patient perspective whenever it might be needed.  Just ask!

Here are some of the cancer-related things that I have participated in over the past few years:

  • June 2013 - invited by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to participate in a social media campaign of their national sponsor including a photo shoot with my kids and an interview for a national ad campaign publication
  • April 2013 - started writing for the blog
  • January 2013 - this blog was linked to the Canadian Cancer Action Network facebook page and website

  • December 2012 - wrote a blog post for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Finding Hope Blog for the Run for the Cure
  • December 2012 - wrote a short piece for the Canadian Cancer Society's Fearless Project
  • December 2012- this blog linked to Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's Cancerview Canada website; Canadian Cancer Society via the website; and introduced  on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation facebook page and twitter feed
  • October 2012 – patient voice media contact for report on breast cancer surgery by the Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • October 2012 – interviewed for the CIHI online newsletter


  • December 2010 – Videotaped a module for the CCAN online Patient Voice Rep E-Learning Program
  • Spring 2010 - wrote an abstract for the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide conference and the Public Health Agency of Canada conference


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