Thursday, January 30, 2014


Winter at Home - January 2008
The start of 2008 was a welcome new beginning to the next part of my post-cancer life.  Getting back to work was something that was going to get me back on a schedule and back to being around people again.  I was kind of looking forward to it but at the same time I was scared.  I had been locked away in our cancer world and at home for so long that the thought of getting back into the routine of work and using my brain again was a bit daunting.  Fortunately I was able to go back gradually on instructions from my health care team.  It made sense to go back for only 3 days a week for a month, then up it to 4 days a week for another month and finally hitting the 5 days a week after that.  The other great thing was that I was able to work a day a week at home.

So as I slowly got back into the work cycle I realized how much of an adjustment it was.  I was tired a lot of the time and spent many times second-guessing myself.  It occurred to me that my mind was now being exercised and it was about time I started doing more for my body.  Even though I was tired a lot I knew that exercise might be just what I needed to increase my energy levels and also boost my spirit and my self-confidence.  So I joined yoga and pilates.  Never had I ever done either of these activities before but I figured why not?  That was kind of my new mantra.  I had gone through the “this is not forever but just for now” mantra during the worst part of the cancer treatments and now that I had survived that I wanted to really live again and try new things and I seemed to have no fear.

My Family - Spring 2008
One day I woke up and my abs were killing me because I had done yoga the night before and the night before that I had done pilates.  It sure felt good to get exercising again.  It feels great to have sore abs!  I felt like maybe I really was back and ready to move on to a regular routine and life filled with activities.  I actually almost started to cry at yoga the first night.  We were doing a position that was really stretching out the arms and it hit me that the previous winter, after the mastectomy, I couldn’t even lift my arms.  I remember at the time I tried pushing with all of my might and it wasn’t that it hurt to try and move my arms it was that I just felt nothing.  It was numb and I couldn’t lift my arms much past my waist.  I was amazed that now I could stretch out completely.  It was quite a realization about how bad things were and how quickly my body seemed to be recovering.

Our life was humming along and we were settling back into a routine but we were also in need of a little time away.  So, our friends invited us to a chalet in Saint Sauveur and we had a fantastic weekend of skiing, snow-tubing, and simply enjoying the outdoors and our friendship.  It was just what we needed!  What a great thing to do to switch up your mindset, help you see things in a different light and just enjoy living.  I was able to snow-tube but was not strong enough to ski.  Not yet anyway.

Back to Life, Back to Reality - Soul II Soul


  1. Happy to see this come across my Google+ feed. Pinning to my breast cancer pinterest board! And yes, life does eventually get back to its normal pace post cancer, doesn't it?

    1. Hi Wendy - Thanks so much for your comment. I will look for you on Pinterest. Have a great weekend!



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