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FPU - Blue Mountain - Fall 2007
The summer of 2007 passed in a lazy blur of beach time, visits with friends and family and much reading and relaxing.  It is my absolute favorite time of year and it was so incredible to spend so much time with Mike and our kids.  Raise your glass for summer!

Cheers! - Blue Mountain 2007
My hair slowly started to fill in during the summer but was still a bit patchy and curly.  My eyebrows were taking a long time to fill in but my eyelashes were coming back nicely.  The bonus was that I still had smooth legs with no razor needed yet.

I survived the Zoladex shot in July and by August my skin that was damaged from the radiation was healed and nearly back to normal.  Or I guess a new normal.  The neuropathy was still hanging around but had lessened in my feet and legs and was worse in my hands and fingers.  The really odd thing was that the middle finger on both of my hands would tend to get stuck down sometimes.  That really created a loss of impact whenever I felt it necessary to use that middle finger to flip off those crazy drivers out there.  Lol!!
Pink Scarf Hike - Fall 2007

In the fall, nine of the FPU (my gang of high school girlfriends) reunited at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario for a weekend of reminiscing, eating, drinking wine, going out dancing, eating some more, and falling in muddy ditches and laughing until we almost peed!  The usual shenanigans and obnoxious behavior.  Since I was going to miss the Run for the Cure which was that same weekend, my thoughtful friend Trish bought pink scarves for all of us and we all wore them on a hike one day.  Okay we kinda took the gondola up the mountain and walked halfway down the mountain where we proceeded to sit on the grass and unpack our snacks of various cheeses and several wines and other goodies and just had a grand time on the mountainside.  We did make it down the hill eventually, pink scarves intact for the most part, and on to our next adventure.

Amazing Ladies - Blue Mountain 2007

I will always remember that weekend and how amazing it felt to be a part of a group of women that really have your back and that you can feel comfortable with all the time.  Although many miles may be between us and visits are rare due to our busy lives, I know that we would be there for each other anytime.  That is what friends do.  Especially ones that you have known since grade 9!  Raise your glass to old friends!  Thanks to the FPU for that wonderful weekend and great memories.

My next stop was more surgery!  The hysterectomy I told you about was scheduled for the following week.

Raise Your Glass - Pink

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