Sunday, September 29, 2013


Mike & I - St.Lawrence River, Summer 2013
It was the spring of 2007 and I was slowly recovering from the bilateral mastectomy.  I did not yet have full movement back in my left arm but my right side was much better.

So things were rolling along and I was trying to keep myself as active as possible.  I woke up one morning and something was wrong.  I was scared to death.  I could not feel my hands.  I mean they were asleep.  They were frozen.  Totally numb like when your foot sometimes falls asleep except this was my hands.  Both of them.  It took hours for them to “wake up” or “unfreeze”.

Over the next few weeks this became a regular occurrence in the mornings and also anytime that my hands were not moving for a while.  It was very strange and painful too at times.  It also started with my feet and my legs.  I was lucky to have my family around to rub my hands to get them working in the morning.

Me & My God Daughter -
Spring 2007
There seemed to be these odd side effects that popped up here and there but I could never figure out what caused them.  Is it from chemo?  Medications?  Who really knows?  I just did what I could each day to be as comfortable as possible.  Sometimes I wondered if I was ever going to get back to normal.

I began radiation on May 28th and I had to go every day (Monday to Friday) until June 29th for 5 weeks in total.  I really didn't know much about radiation, chemotherapy, etc...until all of this happened to me so I imagine there are some of you out there that really have no idea what radiation is all about either.  The word "radiation" seemed a bit daunting to me.  However, it really isn't so bad.  I had been "marked" (tattooed) with some dots that the technicians use to line up where they are radiating.  Also, each time went to the cancer centre I got more marks (lines, x's, etc...) done with a permanent marker.  Mike thought I was starting to look like a treasure map.  The marks were to make sure that the radiation goes where it is supposed to go and avoids some important areas like my heart and lungs.  I might need those.  

So, that's where things were at.   My hysterectomy surgery was scheduled for the fall.  I was sooooooo looking forward to the summertime to build up my strength, relax and enjoy my family before the next operation.

Freeze Frame - J.Geils Band


  1. Chemo, double mastectomy, radiation, hysterectomy ... Tracy, this is beyond words. Such bravery, and such enjoyment and love of life during the times when you are able to enjoy it. Much love, Andrew

    1. Well Andrew you know me - always up for something fun and exciting! Lol:) Hope all is well with you. Take care.


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