Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Next to Me - Banff, AB 2009
I had about three weeks to rest and prepare mentally and emotionally for the bilateral mastectomy that was quickly approaching.  How exactly does one prepare for that?  I had no idea but I did know that I really wanted to just get away for a night with Mike.

So when I was feeling better my Mother-in-law came from Montreal to stay with the kids.  Mike and I and my boobs went away on a little getaway weekend.  Although it was just for a couple of days it felt like we were gone for so much longer.  I had not gone anywhere or done anything for months.  We had been trapped on Planet Cancer.

We decided to go to a Nordik spa.  If you have never been to one you really should try it sometime.  They are amazing!  Especially here in Canada during the fall and winter months.  I went to one for the first time when I went to Mont Tremblant with the FPU.  Remember when I thought my hair was going to all come out in the pool?  I didn’t have to worry about that now.  It already was out.  Plus it was just Mike and I and we went to a smaller spa that also had a lodge where we booked a room with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi.  It was so nice.

Next to Me - Poland 2012
We drove to the Laurentians (mountains in Quebec north of Montreal) in one of the worst snowstorms I have ever travelled in but we were determined to have this time alone together.  Mike got us there safe and sound.  It was so worth it.  We spent the afternoon at the spa in the outdoor hot pools, the sauna and steam room and relaxing by the fire with tea.  After a relaxing day we got ready for dinner and enjoyed a bottle of wine together.  I was able to taste things a bit better so that made such a difference for me. 

Anyway, I will never forget after dinner going back to the spa and sitting there in the hot tub with my wonderful husband, it was dark and the snow was falling and we could look up and see the lights from the ski hill off in the distance.  It was very romantic and such a relaxing escape from our cancer world for those precious hours we were away just the two of us.  I felt strong and confident and able to take on the rest of this journey.  Scared too but whatever was going to happen was going to happen.  I knew with Mike by my side I could do pretty much anything. 

Next to Me - Emeli Sandé


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