Tuesday, June 4, 2013


After that 8th and final treatment was over it took a couple of weeks to feel human again. 

Looking my worst and showing off
my Valentine's cards - Feb.2007
On Valentine’s Day 2007 for the first time in a long time I felt more a part of my family than I had in months.  However this was when I looked my absolute worst.  I mean really, really bad.  I was big, white, puffy and hairless.  But it was Valentine’s Day and my family loved me regardless.

There was a big snowstorm on that day so the buses were cancelled and the kids stayed home.  We got to have a nice breakfast together and exchanged cards and gifts.  I was scheduled to have an MRI, so we all braved the winter roads and went into Ottawa to the hospital.  The MRI was to see how things had changed since the first one I had prior to the chemotherapy. After the appointment we went out for lunch and then went home and rented a movie.  The kids spent some time outside enjoying the new snow and I was able to send out another update to family and friends.

During this week I also received a confirmation that the mastectomy would be on March 8th.  I went to a pre-surgery session and got a bit more information about what to expect.  It was kind of scary but I know it was necessary.  I had no choice in the matter.  I also had an appointment with a Radiation Oncologist and was informed about radiation treatments. 

The oncologist explained that the radiation treatments were not mandatory but were highly recommended.  Of course I said that I would do them.  I would do anything to be sure this stupid cancer was gone forever.  So I would have 25 treatments altogether.  I would have to go to the cancer centre every day, five days a week for five weeks.  Some of the side effects would most likely include fatigue and possible burning of the skin in the area that was to be radiated.  There were no medications to take this time so that was good.

This journey was obviously far from over!

My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra


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