Friday, May 17, 2013

PRIVATE EYES (They're Watching You)

Mike & I - Christmas 2004
Just before school ended for the Christmas break, Tasza announced that there was going to be a Christmas brunch at her school.  It was being put on by the grade three classes for the parents and I really wanted to be there for her.  Mike and I were going to go together.  The night before the big event I asked her what she wanted me to wear on my head.  I told her whatever would make her the most comfortable was what I would do.  I offered to wear a scarf or a hat or even one of the wigs that I had bought and never worn.  She told me to go the way I was because that was me.  Just plain old bald me.  So if the bald thing wasn’t going to bother her then that was what I would do.  It was going to be tough with all the kids seeing me and once again I was amazed at how brave and strong she was to face that with all her classmates.

When we arrived at the school I got that familiar lump in my throat and felt nervous walking into the library area that was filling up with parents and students.  I took a deep breath and swallowed it back and tried to act as normal as possible.  We found a table in the far corner and sat there with some friends.  I wanted to be as far away from germs as possible.  I wasn’t a germaphobe but I certainly didn’t want to end up at the hospital again with Christmas just around the corner. 

So there we were sitting at our table, minding our own business, having our brunch when I noticed one little boy really staring at us.  He came closer and then he walked around our table checking us out.  He walked around and around again.  Then he went over to my courageous little girl and the conversation went something like this:

Mike, Bailey & I - Christmas 2006
 “Are those your parents?”

 “Yes they are,” Tasza replied with a proud smile.

 “And they’re both bald?!?!” asked the incredulous little boy.

“Yes they are,” Tasza said and then she added, “But my Mom’s hair is gonna grow back but my Dad is stuck like that forever!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I was so proud of her and she was just so funny and honest and proud.  She just tells it like it is.  Man I love those kids of mine!

I will never, ever forget that day.  Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad.  Sometimes you gotta laugh.  Sometimes you gotta cry.  But each and every day brings something new to add to our collection of memories.

Private Eyes - Hall & Oates


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