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Hockey School - Fall 2006
Near the end of August my kids attended a one week hockey camp. They really enjoyed it and I think it was good for them to have their minds and bodies busy. I was worried about them and seeing them enjoying themselves was heartwarming and encouraging. The following week summer was officially over and it was back to school. Alex was going into 6th grade and Tasza into 3rd grade.

Mike and I decided to tell our kids’ teachers about the cancer.  We wanted to make sure that they were aware of our situation so that they could alert us if the kids seemed to be having a hard time.  I was afraid that they might act fine in front of me at home and then let their emotions out at school somehow.  Maybe they might be sad or scared or maybe it might be reflected in their behaviour, attitude or their focus on academics.  We had no idea how they might be feeling or what might be going on in their young minds.

Back to School - Fall 2006
So, Mike went to the school and spoke with the teachers.  Living in a small town allowed us the opportunity of knowing many of the teachers socially as well and through hockey, soccer and other activities.  It was comforting to know that if there were to be any problems at school, we would be made aware of it immediately.  People were looking out for our kids.  I was glad we had chosen this community to live in.

While my family was getting on with school and work, I was now finished with work and on disability leave.  This was not a stay-at-home vacation to be sure.  I was spending my time “nesting” for lack of a better word.  I know this is what they say expectant mothers do near the end of their pregnancies before the baby arrives and that is what I was doing I suppose.  I had no idea how I was going to feel or react to the chemo so I was doing everything I could to get my house in order.  Especially if I was going to feel like crap after the treatments.  I wanted to be sure that everything I could possibly do was done.  I wanted to be as relaxed as possible and I did not want to leave anything for Mike to have to have to look after.  He was going to have enough to worry about.

My Sweethearts on the 1st Day of School - Fall 2006
It’s rather funny the feeling of not knowing what to expect.  Each day we go about our lives following routines and schedules and not really thinking too much about anything changing.  Then all of a sudden something in your life might indeed change for better or worse and it can affect everything.  It could be a new baby, a job in another city, a cheating spouse, a broken leg, a death in the family or it could be a cancer diagnosis.  This is all part of life and whether you like it or not the only thing you can do is embrace it and accept it and deal with it.  Sitting around screaming “why me?” is not going to make it go away or make it change.  Plus it does not help you or anyone around you.  Nobody knows the answer to that question.  You also can’t just pretend it is not happening either.  You have to call on your support systems and draw strength and positive vibes and anything else you can grab on to and face each day with its challenges as best as possible.

You Don't Learn That in School - Nat King Cole Trio

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